Money Back PLANS

Take A Step That Can Carve A Better Future For Your Loved Ones

Life insurance can help you in living a secured life as with its best help you can carve a better future of your family members and loved ones. If due to any unfortunate reason the earning member of the family dies, it creates a disastrous situation for the whole family as they lost their loved one and the only source of income too.

Different money back plans

We at VA financialservices guide each and every customer to take up thebest money back policy in LIC available with us. We have six different plans under this policy. Each one of them is known for its rich benefits and you can check out all of them to get the best one.

Best money back plans available

  • New money back plan (for 20 years)
  • New money back plan (for 25 years)
  • New BimaBachat Bimashree
  • JeevanShiromani (for high-net-worth clients)
  • And, JeevanUmang

Benefits of money back plans

All these plans can offer death benefits, survival benefits and even maturity benefits. The true meaning of our plan is that it can help the policyholder in receiving payments at short intervals from the LIC Company.

For more details on our money back plans, contact us today.

New Money Back Plan (for 20 Years)
New Money Back Plan (for 25 Years)
New Bima Bachat

Bima Shree
Jeevan Shiromani (for HNI Clients)
Jeevan Umang