Home Insurance Plan

What is My Home Insurance Policy?

Home Insurance/House Insurance Policy is a service that you can purchase for your home and/or it's contents to stay protected from risks of losses or damages that may be caused to them by any unforeseen events. Certain incidents can lead to sudden and huge expenses, which you are generally not prepared for. In such instances, 'My Home-All Risk' insurance policy will safeguard you from suffering from financial setbacks at that time, ensuring complete protection to you, your family and your Home.

Why should you buy My Home Insurance Policy?
  • Home Insurance/House Insurance Policy provides coverage for losses or damages caused to properties or contents by an unfortunate event - natural and accidental

  • It is not just limited to Landlords who buy property insurance to those who have home ownership, it can also be purchased by tenants living in rented properties for their contents

  • You get the option to insure either your home or its contents, or both

  • The services stay enabled for you even when you are away from home, ensuring you have a stress free trip

  • It gives you an All risk Comprehensive Insurance coverage to secure your assets at affordable home insurance premium rates

  • You can opt for Home Insurance Policy for up to 3 years, making your policy purchase hassle-free

  • You get to avail upto 20% discount on the total premium

Who is eligible to buy My Home Insurance Policy?
  • Home owners who own a property which is not more than 30 years old can purchase our Home Insurance Policy
  • Tenants living in a rented accommodation, as well as others that do not have home ownership can insure their contents of the property occupied by them