Contact only a Professional LIC Agent in India

Contact only a Professional LIC Agent in India

February 19, 2019

When you will talk about taking up the life insurance, the LIC is one trusted company which you should go for. You can find many of the LIC agents who are authorized by the Life insurance Company to sell their policies and to explain its rich benefits to each of their clients.


Quick payments on maturity


Similarly, the LIC agent in Noida will offer you the best details and customized solutions for insurance at a fair price. They can offer you better services and quick payments during maturity and claims as well. You can find a qualified professional that follows a holistic approach to offer you the best LIC policy.


They can explain to you all terms and conditions of the related policy and even talk about in-depth fluctuations of the insurance market. When you will get in touch with these LIC agents of Delhi-NCR, they will act as a guide to help you select a proper policy related your needs and calculates the premium as per your lifestyle and income level.


100% money back policy


You don’t have to go anywhere else for your document submission or approval. These LIC agents can help you with the minimal paperwork for easy policy purchase. On the other hand, you can also find some of the best LIC policy plans for money back. These policies are known for some of the key highlights and features which includes,


The benefit of death: It states that if in case, the policyholder dies during the LIC policy term, then the nominee is liable to get ten times of their annual premium or 125 percent of the basic sum. Moreover, the survival benefits will also not be deducted at any cost.


Benefits of survival: If in case, the policyholder even survives the term of the policy, the nominee will gain 20 percent of the basic sum at end of their policy year which can be 5th, 10th or even 15th. He/ She are also liable for the 40% of sum assured addition to their accrued bonus.


Known for maturity benefits as well


Thus, LIC policyholders can enjoy their good time after issuing a policy in their own name. Get in touch with professional LIC agent for more details.